What is Close - Up Magic?

"Close up magic causes the suspension of belief, it awes the audience who are instantly transported back to a more innocent time when anything was possible, all you can do is astonish and smile with childlike glee. Within touching distance objects fly, float, transform or just disappear in front of your eyes, ideal for VIP guests at corporate events, 5 star hotels or private parties. The show is adaptable in length and can be performed in any environment, inside or out, with no requirement for any stage setup, Felipe will just mingle with the crowd."

"Felipe Scherson is considered to be one of the best magicians performing this type of magic today and is guaranteed to bring an added element of excitement to any event.

Though strange as it may sound, it's not just about the magic, as a good magician must be able to engage his audience. Armed with a dry sense of humour, Felipe has developed an easy style over the last 20 years that draws people into his magic and leaves them feeling amused and bemused a perfect combination!